Vivian & Jack Palmer


My mother's love, like flutt’ring dove, was there when least expected.
Like rising dove, my mother's love, could leave one much affected.
The little things, most left undone, were never unattended.
Where some would quit, she carried on, and never was offended.
A caring mom, a faithful wife, her duties never ended,
And when you least deserved her love, to you it was extended.
With soothing word, and gentle touch, you knew 'twas not pretended,
A little laugh, a hug and kiss, and you left quite contented.
Her word was gold, her actions bold, when others she protected,
And Heaven help, the hapless soul, that crossed her path intended.
To please her Lord, she strove each day, until her life was ended,
And now in Heav'n, she rests for aye, with our dear Lord, contented.
-Gale Palmer - September, 2007

Mom joined Dad & her Saviour, September 8, 2006.

His Presence

Make me thine, oh, my Lord, perfect my love for Thee,
Let my joy Thy Presence be: Quicken with thy Word;
Let my heart with song be graced, my path with Holy light,
Bind my soul with cords of Right, with Love my heart embrace;
Your Love constrains this soul of mine, which wanders time to time,
With cords so gentle and divine, I am completely Thine;
The meditations of Thy Love, fill my soul with Holy Light!
My heart soars like rising doves, with raptures of delight!
Humble words cannot retain the wonders of Thy Grace,
Nor could space itself contain, reflections of Thy Face.
Through "darkened glass" I now can see, supported by Thy Grace,
By faith a glorious glimpse of Thee, but later, Face to Face!
For when at last, far more than glimpse, Thy face I know I'll see,
The sorrows of this vale below, will fade from memory.
When we behold Thee on Thy Throne, and song our tongues employ,
With “Blood-washed” throng we'll gladly join, our hearts will leap for joy!
-Gale Palmer March, 1993

"When I Survey The Wondrous Cross" Dad's Favorite Hymn

God's Servant

A missionary man was he, with faith just like a cedar tree,
He saw a vision sharp and clear, 'twas shown him by his Savior, dear,
Of brown-skinned souls that he must reach, and to them must, the Gospel preach,
To the lost Christ died to save, Whose Blood the Path to heaven paved,
Who sits enthroned to intercede, for all the saints who are in need.
He faithful preached for thirty years, to every man with hearing ears,
Who laden down with sin and shame, and humble, for forgiveness came;
The God of Glory they could know, and someday off to Heaven go.
He labored faithful, best he could, in humble, loving servitude,
Proclaiming true, God's Holy Word, to please his Savior, Christ The Lord.
His course was done, my birthday last, his race was run, his finish, past;
True to the end to God's holy Word, his soul took flight like a soaring bird,
He crossed the Jordan, and 'tis best, that with his Savior he should rest.
He leaves behind this legacy, "Christ was all that he could see!"
There are some, would call him mad, But as for me...I call him, Dad!
-Gale Palmer - April, 1998

Dad graduated to the Fellowship of Heaven April, 1998

My Savior Loves Me

Before the world and time began, the Great "I AM" set forth his plan,
He made a way for sinful man, forgiven, to before him stand!
God's only Son, Love's Promise given, His Body torn, sinners forgiven,
He chose to meet Death's angry throes, He chose to go through Calv'ry's woe.
For me He chose Death's angry throes! my Savior loves, He loves me so!
Triumphant King my Savior rose, delivering Death the fatal blow!
I know not why, He loves me so, but this I know,
My Savior Loves, He loves me so!
-Gale Palmer February, 1999


Books cannot contain His works, His glory is of old.
All expression loses meaning,When Omnipotence unfolds.
The glory of His presence, the brightness of His Love,
Can only be inscripted, when inspired from above.
Our gracious Lord is sweeter far, than tongue or pen can tell,
For He left majestic glory, to rescue me from hell.
But here, the story does not end. Nay! It just begins!
For daily He perfects me, and saves me from my sin!
Someday soon He’ll call me Home, and carry me on high!
Then we will be together, forever, He and I!
My Life! My Love! Emanuel! El Shaddai! My Friend!
Peace and Joy unspeakable: Pleasures without end!
-Gale Palmer May, 1993

Mary's Christmas

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