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I am a missionary kid raised in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. To learn more about me and my life, please read "Missionary Kid" about God's grace in my life.

I am a member of Warren Baptist Temple in Warren, Ohio, and Pastor Dittmar has graciously allowed me to link to the church website. Please take the time to visit their website and, if possible, their Church.

Two strokes left me with bare functionality, physically, but was a great boon to me spiritually! I started writing a daily spiritual journal, was encouraged by a friend to share it, and the ministry blossomed from there.

I started this website as a convenient way for folks to access Muse entries. I welcome any suggestions, comments, thoughts, or questions you may have to share! All items on site are free to download for personal use. My goal is to help others know God and to bring those in darkness into the Light! I by no means claim to have all the answers, but in the words of Peter, "Such as I have, give I unto Thee."

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